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Natrum mur has affinity with the water in the blood serum. Any deficiency of it with cause disturbances int he water in the entire organism. Considered the “Water Salt”, Sodium Chloride helps control the degree of moisture in the tissues, and as such is beneficial for temporary relief of conditions such as watery colds, (runny nose and eye watering symptoms). It may also assist with tissue dryness, some cases of constipation and is helpful in certain conditions of backache or digestive disturbances arising from too little acid.

It helps with delirium tremens, melancholy, hopelessness, low spirits. Chief remedy in sunstroke. Flow of tears of the eyes, smarting secretions, weak eyes. Asthma with watery, frothy mucus.

Headaches with constipation, heartburn, tooth ache, hay fever, craving for salt and salty foods.  Eruptions of the skin, with watery contents or very dry skin. Bloated appearance.  Dropsy and swellings. Large pores in the face. Nettle rash with violent itching. Excessive sleep.

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