Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Testimony

Maria-Alves-Classical-HomeopathHow Bioidentical Hormone Therapy changed my life

For a long time I suffered from unbalanced hormones which caused cellulite and hair loss. At that time I never had heard about bioidentical hormones. Bound to find a solution, I started researching about all possible hormone replacement therapies.

After several years only researching, I started to feel an abnormal tiredness, and having my hormone levels more unbalanced with the passing of time, I decided to try out a conventional medication called Angelic. I gave it up on the 6th day due to side effects such as breathing problems, lack of energy, and difficulty to sleep.

During my research I had read a little about bioidentical hormones – a subject that many doctors, even gynecologists, had never heard about before! Fortunately, my conventional gynecologist – the same that recommend Angelic – knew about them, and gave me the telephone number of a specialist.

Bioidentical hormones are not something new – they have been used since the 1970s. They are made of plants in cream form, to be applied directly on the skin, which means that they don’t harm internal organs like synthetic hormones do.


The specialist in Bioidentical Hormones asked me for all sorts of blood exams and got me started on bioidentical Estradiol/Estriol and Testosterone creams in September 2008.

I never felt any adverse side effects, my hair stopped falling, and the cellulite is practically gone. To be more exact, I started to see improvement on the VERY FIRST week: better skin, and mainly on the energetic level. One year later I added Progesterone to my list, and since then I’ve been using all 3 hormones.

My second doctor told me that we should never use estrogen (bi-est or estradiol and estriol) without progesterone as it would cause an imbalance, leading to health problems. Unfortunately my first doctor didn’t know that, and I am happy that I am always studying and looking for a second opinion.


I was so excited about these results that I started writing about them, because I think that something so good must be shared. Of course I’m not telling anybody to use any sort of medication without a medical prescription. But I think that every man and woman must get to know about bioidentical hormone therapy, since low hormone levels will sooner or later happen to everyone. Low hormone level is one of the most important causes of many diseases simply accepted as a result of getting older.

I welcome all who have any kind of experience with bioidentical hormones to share their results with us.

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I hope that the information found here will help you to decide whether to try this hormone balance therapy. If you have any questions or comments,  or want to share your experience, feel free to contact me.

This information has only educational purposes and is not intended to treat any diseases, or replace medical treatment.

Maria Alves
Classical Homeopathy