Arnica montana- Homeopathic First Aid – Part 1

Arnica montana

Homeopathy Arnica

Homeopathic remedies, such as Arnica montana, are wonderful for first aid and emergencies in general. In severe instances you should seek medical help / hospital immediately, but in less serious cases the homeopathic remedy can bring excellent and fast results.

Even in severe cases, while waiting for the arrival of the doctor or on the way to the hospital, homeopathic remedies can be given, which many times bring quick amelioration.

I will be writing over the next few days about a small group of homeopathic remedies to have at hand for some common emergency situations. They are Arnica montana, Arsenicum album, Calendula, Hamamelis, Hypericum, and Ledum.

For chronic diseases, self-medication with Homeopathy is not recommended. More serious or long lasting problems need to be repertorized by an expert in homeopathy to avoid the risk of choosing the wrong remedy.

So, for first aid purposes, let’s start with Arnica  montana (part I), a remedy used for centuries, and generally known to all.

Arnica montana external use

The main external use of Arnica montana in the form of an ointment, is for contusions, bruises, sprains, muscle pain, joints pain, superficial phlebitis and insect bites, among others. Never use it on open wounds or any opening in the skin.

Arnica montana internal use

Internally, homeopathic Arnica helps the body heal wounds and clear bruises (dark or blue stains due to a diffused infiltration of blood in the subcutaneous tissue). For families with children, it is of great help to have it at hand. It helps when the whole body aches from too much physical work, and pain from bruises in general.

Arnica montana for Prevention

Arnica is used worldwide to prevent bruising resulting from cosmetic surgery.

Arnica montana for emotional frights and shocks

Arnica is the number one remedy for shocks and sudden fears. In a situation of emotional trauma, as for example in a car crash, Arnica will bring balance, dissipating the shock.

Suggested doses

Arnica homeopathic

Internally Arnica montana should only be taken in homeopathic way, which is a very small and diluted dose, as it is toxic in raw doses.

In case of shock, 1 globule of Arnica 200CH can be given every ten minutes up to 3 times and then spacing out until the person is completely well.

Important: As soon as you are well, stop taking the remedy. Never continue taking it when it has been a hundred percent effective.

As a preventive for plastic surgery, doctors usually indicate Arnica 4D, to be taken 3 times a day (4 pellets each time), starting two weeks before surgery, and taking a week thereafter. Ask your doctor about the dose and frequency that are ideal for your case.

How to take the homeopathic remedy

homeopathy arnica montana

Place the pellet(s) under the tongue directly from the vial lid (do not come into direct contact with them), and allow them to dissolve slowly.

Avoid coffee, toothpaste or even food 10 minutes before and after taking your homeopathic remedy.

If you are giving it to babies or for people unable to put the pellets under the tongue, just dissolve the pellets in a tablespoon of water and give it with a teaspoon or syringe. The same goes for animals.

Arnica montana is native to the mountains of Europe and Siberia, and cultivated in North America. Arnica’s medicinal properties has been known for centuries. They come from various active ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties.

This information has only educational purposes and is not intended to treat any diseases, or replace medical treatment.

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