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Bach Florals

Guide to the remedies The Bach flower remedies were developed by Edward Bach, an English physician and bacteriologist. Renowned homeopathic physician and pathologist in public health, he completed his work with the discovery of “Bach Flower Remedies”, in mid-1930 in Mont Vernon in England. According to him, to recover from an illness, you need to […]

TISSUE SALTS (Dr. Schuessler Biochemical Cell Salts)

What are Tissue Salts Tissue salts are the result of the work of Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a great nineteenth-century German physician. He studied the ashes of people who had been cremated to see what minerals were lacking in their cells and studied the entire history of these people, linking the missing minerals to the diseases […]

The Silver Cloud Diet

  This blog has the honour of having the participation of Dr.  John Salerno, and I am here to talk about his new book, The Silver Cloud Diet, co-authored by Linda West Eckhardt. I read it and I loved it! Although I don’t need to lose weight, the book has lots of information which I […]

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Testimony

How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy changed my life For a long time I suffered from unbalanced hormones which caused cellulite and hair loss. At that time I never had heard about bioidentical hormones. Bound to find a solution, I started researching about all possible hormone replacement therapies. After several years only researching, I started to feel […]

Bioidentical Hormones

Writen by Dr. Ricardo Vallejos When we talk about hormones in Preventative Anti-Ageing Medicine, we refer to bioidentical hormones. They may be of natural or synthetic origin, but the biggest difference between them and other hormones is that bioidentical hormones have the same three-dimensional  structure as those produced by the human body,  which allows a […]

Hormone Balance – BHRT

Written by Dr. John Salerno At The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine, Dr. John P. Salerno is committed to helping his patients discover health and rediscover vitality.  He obtains optimal results by investigating, diagnosing, correcting and rebalancing every aspect of the body.  Specializing in anti-aging protocols and bioidentical hormone replacement, he takes great care to […]

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