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Classical Homeopathy

Registered Homeopath
#15222,  College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada

For in-person consultations in Toronto and Durham Area, please call 289-892-3011 or send an e-mail. Remote consultations over Skype available.


Phone: 289-892-3011
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Hi All!

To book your homeopathic appointment, please contact me by e-mail  or phone (289-892-3011). If you have any doubts I’ll be happy to clarify  them before scheduling a consultation.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and can be a path to make you  feel healthy and full of energy.

If Homeopathy is something new for you, be careful when reading about it. It is not difficult to find texts saying it doesn’t work, but if you look for detractor references you won’t find them, because proof of that doesn’t exist. It is impossible to prove that homeopathy doesn’t work, because thousands of patients has been cured by it in the last 200 years.

Except for the US and Canada that have specific courses of Homeopathic Medicine, in all other countries physicians need to study conventional medicine for 6 years before specializing in Homeopathy. Why would these doctors do this? The answer is because they found something wonderful in Homeopathy.

One great example of that kind of discovery is how Dr. Constantine Hering, charged of writing a book to discredit homeopathy, became its biggest supporter – Click here to read.

People like Paul McCartney, John D. Rockefeller, Mark Twain, the English Royal Family, Mahatma Gandhi and many others always defended Homeopathy, using it with great success.

Homeopathic medicine is effective in acute or chronic cases, and very helpful as first-aid remedies, so do not forget your homeopathic first aid kit when traveling.  Natural treatments, a proper diet and a healthy life-style can make a great difference for the better in your life.

The homeopathic consultation lasts about 90 minutes, and the follow-ups around 30 minutes.

Homeopathic Appointments can be done in person or by Skype, phone and Google Hangouts in Portuguese, English, and French.

Take advantage of two free follow-ups within 40 days of the initial consultation – click here to book your appointment!

Thank you for your visit,
Maria de Lourdes Couto Alves

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