Quietude Restlessness 30D – Boiron – Homeopathy


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Quietude® helps treat restlessness and related problems, such as difficulty falling and staying asleep, in children and babies aged 6 months and older.

Winding down and going to bed can be a challenge for some children. That’s why there’s Quietude®.

Quietude® relieves restlessness and minor sleeping problems such as nightmares and occasional insomnia, so your whole family can sleep easier. Quietude® does not create dependence. And now that it’s available in sterile water–based unit-doses, it’s simpler than ever to use and administer!

Ingredients: Chamomilla 9CH, Glesemium Sempervirens 9CH, Hycoscymus Niger 9 CH, Kalium Bromatum 9 CH, Passiflor Incarnata 9CH, Stramonium 9CH.

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