CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA (Calc phos) Tissue Salt-Boiron




Calcarea phosphorica is a foundation of  bodily structure. Anemic state of young girls, blood coagulation problems, poverty of blood, imperfect circulation, bone weakness, and rickets.

Mentally, the lack of this mineral causes poor memory, incapacity for concentrated thought, weak mind.

A beneficial influence on digestion and assimilation, Calcarea phosphorica is the bone cell salt and is also present in the teeth. It’s deficiency  can cause bone diseases, slow development and retarded dentition in children. It helps the build-up of blood corpuscles and may assist during teething, puberty, convalescence and in later years. It also aids the prevention of muscular cramps and pain during menstruation, especially helpful for younger girls. Beneficial for anemia.

Chronic enlargement of tonsils, eyes sensibility to artificial light. Eyeballs ache, spasm of eyelids. Eruptions of skin when the discharge is thick and clear. Itching pimples.

Calcarea phosphorica deficiency is seen in translucent tips of teeth, white spots on the teeth, small lips can be sign of poor mineral absorption, a creamy-whitish face, waxy appearance around the eyes.

Size and Weight:
240 tablets (85 gr), 30ml (100 gr), 60ml (170 gr)

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