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Calcarea sulphurica tissue salt (calcium sulphate, Calc sulph or lime sulphate) is one of the tissue salts that helps in the production of fibrin, the protein which supports skin tissue and blood-clotting.

Calcarea sulphurica tissue salt helps with pimples, sore throat, cold, all conditions arising from impurities in the blood. A constituent of connective tissue, mucous membranes and skin. It helps clear away accumulations of non-functional decaying matter. This material may otherwise lay dormant or slowly decay and damage surrounding tissue.

Calcarea Sulphurica is beneficial to accelerate slow wound healing, during the last stage of suppuration, for pimples, boils, carbuncles, ulcers, abscesses, and all processes that have pus. It acts on inflammations, cellulitis, mastitis and inflamed hangnails.

It is beneficial for age spots, liver spots, enlarged pores, dirty appearance of the skin.

Size and Weight:
240 tablets (85 gr), 30ml (100 gr), 60ml (170 gr)

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Weight 50 g

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