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Kali muriaticum (Kali mur, potassium cloride or chloride of potash) is the principal agent to build fibrin into the organism, along with Calc Sulph, the building bloc for connective tissue.

Sluggish conditions, catarrh, sore throat, glandular swelling, white colored tongue, light colored stools, coughs, and colds. Kali mur assist with the temporary relief of minor respiratory disorders, such as wheeziness. It also aids the reduction of mucus congestion curing colds and sinusitis. Kali muriaticum is beneficial for the lymphatic glands and in problems associated with thick white or grayish skin discharges, or where there is glandular swelling.

Especially useful for problems such as ulcerated sore throat, tonsillitis, catarrhal infection of the middle ear. Usually used in conjunction with Ferrum Phos. Thick discharge of the eyes, earache with swelling of tonsils and Eustachian tubes. Second stage of all inflammatory conditions. Bleeding hemorrhoids (dark blood). White vaginal discharge.

Acne rosacea, milky coloration of the face. White scales on the scalp.

Smallpox – important remedy which controls the formation of pustules.

Size and Weight:
240 tablets (85 gr), 30ml (100 gr), 60ml (170 gr)

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