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Natrum phosphoricum (Sodium phosphate, Nat Phos) is responsible for the balance between acids and body fluids. When the blood is too acid, it can be lack of natrum phos since it transforms the excessive acidity in normal fluids. When the blood is high in acid, the person becomes full of hate, envy, criticism, jealousy, selfishness.

The acidic blood condition,  reflects on the organism as stiffness and swelling of the joints, rheumatism, lumbago, worms, golden-yellow, creamy coating at root of tongue. Eyes discharges with the same creamy appearance.

Natrum phosphoricum helps maintaining the alkalinity of the blood, emulsifies fatty acids and keeps uric acid soluble in the blood. Thus, Natrum phosphoricum may help young children who have been fed too much sugar and are suffering from an acid condition of the system. It also relief gastric indigestion, sour, dyspepsia, heartburn, intestinal worms, and mild rheumatic tendencies.

Face yellowish and greasy, shiny, open pores, blackheads, pimples, red acne.

Size and Weight:
240 tablets (85 gr), 30ml (100 gr), 60ml (170 gr)

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Weight 50 g

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