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Natrum sulphuricum work to regulate the supply of water in the organism. It is found in the inter-cellular fluids, liver and pancreas. It is responsible to eliminate the excess of water from the body. It is a biochemic aid for the liver, spleen and kidneys. As such, Natrum sulphuricum relief biliousness, liver troubles, digestive upsets and some influenza symptoms. It helps dispel languid feelings experienced during humid weather.

Nat sulph is indicated for irritation and bitter taste in the mouth due to excess of bile. Yellow conjunctiva, yellow face, jaundice, erysipelas, dirty tongue (brownish green coating of the tongue). Excess of bile affects the stomach and can produce vomits. Diabetes, excessive secretion of urine.

Influenza, humid asthma, malaria, liver ailments.

All skin diseases with bilious symptoms – exudation of yellowish secretions. Eyes bags (swelling under the eyes)

Size and Weight:
240 tablets (85 gr), 30ml (100 gr), 60ml (170 gr)

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