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Silicea is considered the beauty tissue salt, because it improves skin and hair, but in fact it is much more than that. It gives stamina to the organism, it is part of all connective tissue cells.

Smelly feet and arm pits, abscesses, boils, tonsillitis, brittle nails, stomach pains. It promotes suppuration and the discharge of wastes, thereby often initiating the healing process by dispersing potentially harmful accumulates such as with skin eruptions and toxic blood conditions, abscesses, boils.

In the first stage of any swelling, Ferr. Phos. and Kali Mur should be given, but should these tissue salts fail completely solve the problem, Silica should be taken to ripen the abscess and promote its discharge.

Silicea is wonderful for sinusitis (in form of tissue salt or homeopathic remedy) with discharge of fetid matter, hangnails e all skin processes with pus formation.

Wrinkles and crow’s feet are sign of Silicea deficiency. Also shrunken eyelids, shinny nose and forehead, parallel lines near to the ear.

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