The Silver Cloud Diet


This blog has the honour of having the participation of Dr.  John Salerno, and I am here to talk about his new book, The Silver Cloud Diet, co-authored by Linda West Eckhardt. I read it and I loved it! Although I don’t need to lose weight, the book has lots of information which I intend to apply to my own life.


The Silver Cloud Diet does promise to help you lose weight, and also to be healthy and happy, eating delicious and nutritious foods. How is it possible? You will be delighted to find out. And when you try it, please share the results with us.


It reminds us that we need to come back to a simple and natural nourishment, to “real” food. It provides information about supplements, how to avoid diseases, and also teaches how to prepare many healthy and delicious dishes.

You can buy the book by Internet, in a paper format, or an e-book to read in your screen. Click here to buy yours: