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Throat Pain And Bees – A Cure By The Law Of Similars

 Throat pain and the “Like cures like” principle One of the homeopathic principles is based on healing by the similar. That means that the remedy cures if it causes, in a healthy person, an effect similar to that of the disease symptom. In the example below, a stinging throat pain is cured by bee venom. […]


Summertime colds and the flu Why do we have summertime colds and the flu? In general, colds and the flu are more common in Winter, when the cold weather and closed spaces makes us more susceptible to getting ill. However, even in the Summertime the viruses are in the environment (generally different those common in […]

Arnica montana- Homeopathic Remedy – Internal and External Use

Arnica montana Homeopathic remedies, such as Arnica montana, are wonderful for first aid and some emergency situations. In severe instances you should seek medical help/hospital immediately, but in less serious cases the homeopathic remedy can bring excellent and fast results. Even in severe cases, while waiting for the arrival of the doctor or on the […]

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