Throat Pain And Bees – A Cure By The Law Of Similars

Throat pain

 Throat pain and the “Like cures like” principle

One of the homeopathic principles is based on healing by the similar. That means that the remedy cures if it causes, in a healthy person, an effect similar to that of the disease symptom. In the example below, a stinging throat pain is cured by bee venom. Conventional medicine is based on the opposite, and so they have anti-inflammatory, anti-fever, and several other “anti” symptoms drugs. The disease is not understood, and its symptoms are attacked and suppressed.

The homeopathic remedy is intelligent and acts as a stimulant of the body, and can lead to healing without side effects. As homeopathic remedies are very diluted and dynamized, they do not intoxicate the body.

Stinging throat pain

In my many personal experiences with homeopathic remedies and quick and definitive cures, the fastest cure was a case of throat pain. I took a warm bath before bed, and I remembered that I had to get something in the yard. It was Summer, and I did not imagine it could be cold, but it had rained, it was windy, and I went out with light clothing. As soon as I came back inside and laid down, I began to feel my throat sore.

A lump formed on the right side of my neck and the pain started extremely strong, as if caused by hot needles. I had never felt anything like that before and it was almost unbearable. It was late at night, I was sleepy, and it was difficult to have the courage to get out of bed to look for a homeopathic remedy.

Choosing Apis mellifica

However, I got up and opened one of my first-aid kits, where I found Apis mellifica, a remedy made from bee venom. I had never taken Apis before,  and I thought “this should cover my pain that is burning and sharp like we feel when stung by a bee”. I put four globules under my tongue, and laid down. The result was the most incredible I’ve ever experienced: before the globules finish melting (about two minutes) the pain had totally gone.

I was amazed, slept well and woke up in the morning without any swelling or pain! This remedy actually covers a wide range of symptoms including urinary problems, arthritis, prostate diseases and various other symptoms where there is an inflammatory process. Except in acute cases, it should be used only under the supervision of a homeopathic health professional.

Homeopathy for acute or chronic cases

Although I have been treated with homeopathy for some thirty years, I never cease to be amazed at how wonderful it is. Taking the homeopathic remedy as soon as you feel the first symptoms is very important, because it allows for very quick cures.

In chronic and long-term diseases, it takes patience to achieve improvement, but in general the results are also spectacular. People who suffer from chronic diseases usually need to improve their lifestyle in order to remove possible causes that sustain the problem. Also, changing the homeopathic remedy as the symptoms change, is important.

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

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