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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Testimony

How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy changed my life For a long time I suffered from unbalanced hormones which caused cellulite and hair loss. At that time I never had heard about bioidentical hormones. Bound to find a solution, I started researching about all possible hormone replacement therapies. After several years only researching, I started to feel […]

Bioidentical Hormones

Writen by Dr. Ricardo Vallejos When we talk about hormones in Preventative Anti-Ageing Medicine, we refer to bioidentical hormones. They may be of natural or synthetic origin, but the biggest difference between them and other hormones is that bioidentical hormones have the same three-dimensional  structure as those produced by the human body,  which allows a […]

Hormone Balance – BHRT

Written by Dr. John Salerno At The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine, Dr. John P. Salerno is committed to helping his patients discover health and rediscover vitality.  He obtains optimal results by investigating, diagnosing, correcting and rebalancing every aspect of the body.  Specializing in anti-aging protocols and bioidentical hormone replacement, he takes great care to […]

Throat Pain And Bees – A Cure By The Law Of Similars

 Throat pain and the “Like cures like” principle One of the homeopathic principles is based on healing by the similar. That means that the remedy cures if it causes, in a healthy person, an effect similar to that of the disease symptom. In the example below, a stinging throat pain is cured by bee venom. […]

Homeopathy for Colds and the Flu

In general, colds and the flu are more common in Winter, when the cold weather and closed spaces makes us more susceptible to getting ill. However, all year around the viruses are in the environment, and respiratory diseases can happen, especially when we are highly stressed or overworked. Some First-Aid Homeopathic Remedies for Colds and […]